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Theme Dinners in Goa
We can arrange the best entertainment so that your evenings become alive. Live dance music, Goan Carnival evenings, limbo dancers, serendaers etc can spice up your mood.
Theme Types :
Arabic Pirate Carnival Bollywood
Wild West Egyptian Indian Maharaja Night Spice Route
Goan : Goan Village Night
The Goan Village Night Theme will be an evening replete with all the entrancing aspect of Goa. The ambiance would be in a form of a miniature Goan village with huts depicting the different sects of Goan society, an elaborate décor of a Goan theme, everything from the entrance, stage, buffet, to the bar intricately embellished to portray the unique…. Goan style! Interwoven with Folk Music, Folk Songs…. Folk dances, that put on a spectacular show to take your breath away. Live Goan Musicians, to keep the Guests in high spirits, swinging to irresistible Goan tunes.

This theme will provide our guest with an ultimate dining experience in a Goan Village with an atmosphere charged with the spirit of Goa.

FOOD: Goan and Portuguese


- Serenade’s to welcome the guest at the entrance
- Goan Band
- Goan Cultural Folk Dancers

- Toddy Taper showing the process of Feni distillation.
- A potter, working with his potter’s wheel.
- Weavers weaving palm leaves.
- Flower sellers weaving garlands.
- Channa walla who will serve fresh Goan channa (Indian chickpea).
- Fishing Net Shop next to the Fish counter.


Arabic :
The entire venue will be masked with paintings that represent the inside of an Arabic Mahal

Large Minarets will decorate the four corners of the venue

The backdrops to the stage will a large painting of a desert scene with sand dunes and pyramids

The entrance to the Mahal will again be masked with a large painting against which will be placed a large cutout of a Bedouin with a camel

Four Hostesses dressed in typical Arabic costumes will welcome the guests with flower garlands to be tied on the wrists

The master of ceremonies will be dresses in a typical Arabic outfit and will welcome the guests in traditional Arabic style

Hookas will be placed around the function area

Low seating on mattresses will complement the Arabic décor

A professional DJ with complete sound and lighting system will be provided

The backdrop will be a side profile of a 24 foot long Pirate’s Ship complete with Sails and large Anchor/Chains and Pirate Flag.

The Function Area will be decorated with large lanterns on stands along with figures of Pirate Skulls and Crossbones. We shall also be providing large Arches on which will be hung Cutouts of Pirates. A Large Barrel of Rum, a Treasure Chest will also decorate the Function Area.

The Entrance to the Function Area shall be a large cave within which we shall be placing cut outs of fish, pirates, skulls, skeletons which will be painted with florescent paint and lit with Ultraviolet Tubes. For special effects, we will provide lasers, strobes and smoke machines.

Eye Patches, Headbands / Bandanas, will be provided to the guests to create the Pirate ambience.

A Fire Eater to enthrall the guests.

We shall provide one of Goa’s best bands for the evening’s festivities. Their repertoire of music include the latest Pop and Dance music spiced with our very own Goan fiesta music popular the world over. During the breaks taken by the Band, we shall provide continuous recorded music to keep the crowd merry and dancing.

We shall be providing a complete three way Sound System as well as Dance Lights for Stage and Dance Floor.

Flow Of Events:
• Guests will be welcomed at the entrance by Pirates dressed in costumes who will give out
eye patches and headbands.
• After the guests arrive, Master of Ceremonies dressed in a pirate costume introduces the evening and the entertainment.
• Band begins immediately.
• After a while the Grand Parade of Pirates begins.
• All the guests are invited to join the Parade.
• The Band takes over with pulsating dancing music.
• During one of the breaks taken by the Band, the Limbo Dancer will perform.

1 Large lanterns on metal stands to be placed around bar and buffet counters.
2. Serial lights will light up the entire function area.
3. Par cans will be used to highlight the décor.
Goan Carnival
ENTRANCE: Large entrance arches will be decorated with moss and entwined with colourful foil sheets. Each arch will have a lantern hanging from the middle.

VENUE: Coloured paper streamers will be hung above the function area at a height of about 10 ft.
Large Carnival masks will be placed around the Bar,Buffet, and Function Area.
Large arches will be distributed around the Function Area.

STAGE: Stage will be of size 24ft x 16ft x 2ft height. The backdrop to the stage will be the Samba dancers in dimension between the Samba gods as recreated from the famous Brazilian carnival floats. The backdrop will be predominantly white and will be coloured by our special effect lights

1. Large lanterns on metal stands to be placed around bar and buffet counters.
2. Serial lights will light up the entire function area.
3. Par cans to highlight the décor.

1. Brass Band who will lead the Carnival Parade
2. One of Goa’s best Bands in attendance.
3. King Momo and his Carnival Dance Troupe.
4. Professional belly dancer to perform during one of the breaks

Flow of Events:
• M.C. dressed in his Carnival outfit will welcome the guests and introduce the evening.
• Band will start the evening with some soft music .
• Carnival Troupe members will hand out Carnival Caps and whistles to all the guests.
• After the initial one hour of music by the Band the Grand Carnival Parade begins.
• Brass Band leads the parade followed by King Momo and his entourage of clowns and merrymakers.
• All the guests are invited to join the Parade which ends on the Dance Floor.
• King Momo then declares the Carnival open to a fanfare of music.
• The Band then takes over for a one hour non stop session of pulsating dancing music.

The duration of the Carnival Parade and is approximately one hour. Total duration of the entire Carnival Theme is approximately two and a half hours.

We shall be providing a complete three way Sound System as well as Dance Lights for Stage and Dance Floor.

We shall also provide a sound proof generator to provide power for the sound and lighting system.

An evening shrouded in mystery and glamour, step out of your shoes, step into the larger than life ambiance of the movies…with the most suave, thrilling entertainment that have dazzled fans for decades.

Entrance: The pathway will be created with large panels of size 10ft x 10ft on either side leading to the main entrance. These panels will be masked with black fabric decorated with large movie posters. Tiny running rice lights will create a mysterious, yet swanky ambiance akin to entering a theatre multiplex. All guests will walk on a red carpet 6 feet wide and 50feet in length Stage& Dance floor: The backdrop to the stage will be a vibrant abstract Bollywood film theme poster of size 24feet x 10feet, with lights that highlight the stage. The dance floor will be of size 24feet x 24feet.

Special scanners and moving head lights as well as lasers will light up the stage and dance floor. Forty eight Par cans will be used for ambient lighting as well as for props and venue décor.

Venue Décor: Large Hindi Film posters shall decorate the area. Bollywood Props to include Bollywood Film scenes such as Dancing girls, popular actors, actresses and characters such as director, cameraman, villains, etc

Bar Setup: A classy, opulent Bar, just as in the movies, to pander to the tastes of the connoisseur, with bar staff dressed as ferocious villains with eye-patches et al. (The actual beverages to be coordinated with the Resort)

One of Goa’s best Live Bands, celebrated for their ability to get the crowd swinging to their tunes, specializing in Western music and able to strum Bhangra /Indian beats with equal aplomb, (which we recommend for guest participation) Professional dancers dancing to the Bollywood soundtracks and Western music.

One of Goa’s select DJs.

2 generators to supply power for sound and lighting systems

Flow of events:
Bollywood music playing as guests enter the venue through the tunnel, done up with mind-blowing lights, creating an immediate, out-of-this-world environment. Beautiful, elegant hostesses to greet the guests as they enter, and to ensure guest participation all through the evening.

Choreographed dance sequence to Bollywood soundtracks performed by dancers

Live Band strikes up an exciting evening of fast paced music to keep the guests swaying along.

DJ music, fast paced and exciting numbers to keep the tempo high all evening.

Ocean King Neptune's Ocean Extravaganza
ENTRANCE: The pathway to the function area shall be decorated with a number of large decorative arches. These arches shall be covered with moss with blue colored foil entwined around them. Blue colored nets will be thrown over the arches to complete the ocean effect. Brightly colored Fishes, Dolphins, Lobsters, etc. made out of sponge and thermocole and fiberglass to be placed on the arches for added effect. Glittering coral to be strategically placed around the function area. Small shell lanterns will hang from the top of the arch to light the pathway. Large Sea Horses will be placed on either side of the entrance to welcome the guests.

STAGE: The Backdrop to the stage will be a large underwater scene painted with fluorescent colors and lit with Ultra Violet lights. In front of the stage, we shall provide two rows of blue waves between which we shall place blue lights for special deep sea effect.

VENUE: Large sponge, thermocole and fiberglass three dimensional figures of various sea creatures such as crabs, lobsters, prawns , octopus and fish with glittering coral and shells below, will be strategically placed on nets around the buffet and function areas. These will be lit up with special Par Cans for added effect. We shall also provide large waves constructed of metal frames and blue satin cloth on which we shall again be placing various sea creatures. These will be placed alongside both bar and buffet counters. The entire Function Area shall be lit up with blue serial lights to create a magical underwater ambience.

We shall be providing a complete three way Sound System as well as Dance Lights for Stage and Dance Floor.

Wild Wild West
It was the time of the famous Gold Rush. Settlers were swarming around the rivers searching for gold. A time of Banditos and Outlaws and Red Indians. A time of Billy the Kid and Buffalo Bill. The evening takes you through an authentic cowboy experience. As you enter the function area, a cowboy bandana is handed out to each guest. The dress code for the evening is checked shirts and jeans.

Entry to the Bar / Watering hole is through the swinging doors of a Saloon. Opposite the Saloon is the Sheriff’s office complete with a picket fence.

The Function Area will be decorated with cutouts of cacti, cowboys on horses, Red Indians, etc.

Large wooden tables for the different food stations will be provided. This will add to the cowboy ambience.

As the evening unwinds, our cowboy Master of Ceremonies will ensure participation on the dance floor to the music of a Western Band.

We shall be providing a complete three way Sound System as well as Dance Lights for Stage and Dance Floor.

• Band playing predominantly Country and Western music
• M.C.

Egyptian - Night of the Pharoahs EGYPT - Timeless & Immortal
Entrance: Egyptian pillars of heights varying from 7ft to 10ft through which the guests will enter the function area. The pillars will have hieroglyphics carved on the walls and will be of typical ancient Egyptian architecture.

Function Area: Egyptian styled Pots and Vases in colours of Gold and Blue shall decorate the function area. These large vases shall be kept in sets of three and will also have ancient hieroglyphics carved on them. Incense Urns will be placed strategically around the function area to add to the ambience. Life size statues of Mummies, Egyptian Dancers, High Priests, Gods and Goddesses will be placed around the function area for added effect.

We shall also have paintings of the famous Giza pyramids at one side of the function area which will be flanked by two life size statues of the Egyptian mummies made of fibreglass.

Stage: The backdrop to the stage will be a large replica of the face mask of King Tutakhamen constructed of wood and thermocole. On either side of the backdrop will be two sets of side wings which will be draped in Gold and Blue Satin. Egyptian style pillars will be placed on either side of the wings.

Bar and Buffet: We shall provide large tents over the Bar and Buffet tables. These tents will be covered with golden-yellow and blue fabric in keeping with the theme colour code.

Band: We will provide one of Goa’s top Bands whose repertoire ranges from Pop & Reggae to Ballroom and the latest Goan music popular the world over. During the breaks taken by the Band we shall provide a D.J. whose vast collection of music will keep the guests merry and dancing. We shall also provide open white serial lights to decorate the entire function area including Bar and Buffet areas. Halogens and Par cans will be used to highlight trees and decorations within the function area.

Hostesses: With the large size theme we will provide six hostesses who like the band and M.C. will be dressed in costumes as per the theme.

Activity: We will also be providing interactive games and a quizzing session on the theme during the evening to keep the guests in the spirit of the theme.

The Indian Maharaja Extravaganza


The guests on arrival at the venue will be welcomed with traditional Indian dancers reserved for royalty in the past.

Our Hostesses dressed in traditional ethnic wear shall welcome the guests with Aarti, tikka and rose water. The men will be given to turbans to wear while the ladies will be garlanded with white flowers (Turbans to be returned or can be purchased for Rs.450/- each)

On entering the venue the guests will be offered the following seating options:
Floor seating on covered mattresses with bolsters and cushions or seating on chairs.
Traditional Indian hookas will be placed around the function area for those guests who would like to try the Indian flavoured tobacco. STAGE/BACKDROP: The sets will consist of a Chandni set up as in one of the out houses of the Indian Maharaja in the days gone by. The back drop will of length 24 ft x 16 ft with a ramp of size 24 ft x 8 ft.

ENTRANCE: Large arches on gold painted pillars representing a Darbar setting will decorate the Entrance along with 2 Elephants with raised trunks on either side of the arches. Each guest to be individually welcomed with ‘Aarti’ and a rose.

FUNCTION AREA: The function area will be strewn with fresh flower petals. The entire area will resemble the Darbar Hall of an Indian Palace. Large pillars with the entire framework wood and metal and ethnic Indian designs painted in gold shall be placed around the function area. Garlands of Marigold flowers will hang from the edges of these arches. The function area will be strewn with fresh flower petals. Diyas and Incense sticks will be placed around the area. Authentic traditional Indian musical instruments such as the Sitar, Tanpura, Table – Dagga etc. shall be placed around the function

The central décor theme to the buffet will be several large palace arches draped with fabric of traditional Indian designs in keeping with the theme

Artisans: We shall provide the following artisans and live performances to represent different regions of India such as : Turban tying / Indian Palmist / Potter with his Potter’s Wheel / Cane and Basket Weavers / Portrait Painters / Garland Makers / Bangle Makers.

We shall also provide a dance and fashion sequence which will consist of three dance performances such as Bhangra, Dandiya and Rajasthani Folk Dance interspersed with two fashion sequences of traditional Sarees and ethnic Indian costumes.

We shall also provide a Bharat Natyam dance performance to recorded music which will be preceded by a half hour Sitar/Tabla performance by top quality Indian classical musicians.
An Indian Orchestra or a Western Band will perform for the evening entertainment.
A professional MC to conduct the flow of events throughout the evening.

Spice Route
This Theme setting is created with the idea of giving our esteemed guests an experience of different varieties of spices.

A wide array of traditional delicacies would be proposed reflecting the spiritual and religious culinary Indian delights. The food will be served with a combination of small buffet style and attendants walking around with their offerings. - Every food item to highlight a particular spice.
- Food item named after the spice dominating the preparation.
- Buffet to display different spices with written information’s about each

- Special Banquet rates
- Welcome drinks – Fruit punch /herbal concoctions


White shirts, white pants, red waist band, red turbans (Similar to Indian coffee house)

- Spice shops selling plants of spices, sacks of powdered & whole spices – set up similar to a market place.
- Various thatched buffet counters with strings of onion, garlic, fruits etc

The Spice route will be an out of the world dining experience at the lawns. The venue would be lit by a series of high perched burning torches while light scented frankincense will initiate the forthcoming mystique of the evening. A four-meter high bronze lamp with striking flames will mark the entrance of poolside lawn. 2 Tall muscled men would be standing at the entrance with spears in hand. In front of the giant bronze lamps, groups of hostesses, each dressed in stunning South Indian white and gold border saris will process to a traditional welcoming by tying jasmine strings on the wrists or garlanding the guests,

As they enter through the “Temple” arch, there will be artisans playing the trumpets & dhol at the entrance welcoming the guests & would continue on the stage once all guests have been escorted to their seats. Entering the venue, your guests will be mesmerized by the mysterious melodies of the trumpets & dhols on raised platforms.

After the guests have been offered different types of welcome fruit punches by the staff attired in Indian Coffee house uniforms welcomes the guest. The compere then explains to the guests the concept of the evening.

The already mystical mood of the lawns will be enhanced by the Indian Classical dancers who would enchant the guests with their mesmerizing performance.

The table set up will be white table cloths & alternate tables with saffron & green overlays. As a centre piece there will be sack of turmeric and red chili with basil pot in the center

The food counters would be open so that the guests can go for the food as and when they want. The menu to be South Indian Malabari. The menu card would have the pictures of the different spices and would highlight the spices used in every dish.

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